Friday, June 22, 2012

To The House Cleaner . . .

Hi ______ –

I think you’ll find there’s plenty to clean today since nothing’s been vacuumed or done since you were here last. I told my son to work w/ you & use bathroom up or down depending where you’re working – He’s got a lot to do so he should not even be here much while you’re here.

If you want there’s coffee to try it, take it, I think it’s probably strong – you could always just throw it out if it’s no good – Thanks & I’ll talk to you soon – tentatively – make my next visit 18th or we’ll talk – (the week of 22nd).


John -

Just work with _______ – if she’s cleaning upstairs, you shower down here and if she’s down, you shower up – also, put everything from room into your car so she can vacuum that back room if possible. Hope you get everything done. Love you – hope all goes well Fri / Sat – weather not supposed to be good Sat
(Be careful).

TTY after tomorrow

Love, Mom

Post-It P.S.
Keep in touch – let me know if / when you must travel again –


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