Monday, November 2, 2009

Texts from Mom


I'm thinking about Thanksgiving. I don't want to be with just the old folks. Can u spend Thanksgiving with us? I will have to cook for all the old folks I may go to PA that Friday I know your moving but we really need u here.

Not a bad ride home from you new apartment at all! I'll be coming to visit twice a month.

I'll be over in 10 minutes, please wait for me - I have a really bad headache and a bathroom problem.

If you try to call the house we have the power washer going and can't hear the phone. When are we going to Oktoberfest? I went last night and it was just a bunch of young kids being bad. Only rides, no food. I'm going to the bar meet us there.

Just be sure u clearly label anything u put at Nanny's so Grandpa doesn't throw things out. Also ask to put stuff off the floor in case of dampness. Don't get snippy with me, just trying to help!

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