Saturday, August 22, 2009

I had a bad nights sleep so I couldn't eat

Dear John,

I had a bad night's sleep so I couldn't eat today. I'll have to wake you up in the morning to say goodbye. Also, I will call you on my lunch break tomorrow.

Dad says if you have a problem with the airport at 5pm, he will take you but you need to let us know. Did you get my message? I need your itinerary. And put the cars away.


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  1. Well this is the author of several of those notes I am a little embarassed to admit, but actually I cried and laughed at the same time and it was just what I needed before going off to sleep tonight-I didnt realize that this stuff was "airing" on cyberspace just yet-I havent been able to stop thinking about the news about Josh and thinking of his wonderful smile and the last words I spoke to him just a few short weeks ago-A good friend to you, John and I know you will miss him-you and all your friends will be better persons for knowing Josh-he was and is a lovable guy!



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