Sunday, August 23, 2009

I won't make this long winded . . .

Dear John,

Hi! I won't make this long winded . . . I worked on the insurance today and it took quite some time but it is done. You can go to DMV right away if you want - I think the paperwork is in order - I had Dad make copies of the DMV stuff - whatever you need is in folder, extra stuff in manila envelope. Reason why I did this now: I DON'T want to be concerned with this after Aug 21st -- going back to work very soon after that. We'll be home Tuesday the 21st.

Don't touch the water spicket outside, it's on a timer. Can only use black hose. _______'s cell is XXX-7337, and you are to call her if you can't make it over here Wed or Thurs. She will come Friday, Sat, and Sun to feed the rabbit (I asked her before I learned you would be around the weekend).

The mail has been stopped and the newspapers supposed to be as well. If you need anything from the garage, I would appreciate if you carefully pull the car out, don't try to get at beach chairs etc. with the car there. The car is very tight in the garage -- I already did some damage to it this week.

There is no phone at the apartment in Palm Beach -- call my cell phone to talk to me. Please take these cause its still good either tonight or tomorrow when you stop by:
  • Quart of Milk
  • Cake
  • The green tea I bought for you
Dad used the Buick tonight to make copies -- he said it sounds terrible -- don't push it! Can't go to Brooklyn with it; it needs too much work and Dad refuses to fix it. I can't have you break down while we're in Florida -- you'd have to pay for the tow and I would worry too much.

Before you spend it, please leave the $40 for the parking ticket here and the $100 you borrowed. Have a good week, I miss you. Sorry our dates overlapped - I would have liked to be home when you got here.


PS. Aunt _____ will water lawn end of week - she knows what to touch.

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