Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Don't Over-feed the Rabbit!

Dear John,

Just some items:

We will be gone from Saturday to Sunday the 24th arriving back to JFK 7:35am from a night flight out of LAX at 11:30 the 23rd. We are working on getting my brother to pick us up since its so early in the morning.

I left the rabbit food at the entrance to the garage so its easy to feed him daily after you get home from work. Please don't forget about him! Don't overfeed, he wastes . . .

If it snows, you will need to take the Acura out of the garage to get the snowblower out safely. Dad has checked it out to be sure it runs - hopefully you won't need it. If it's light snow, please shovel the walk for us. Don't try to use the snowblower unless it's deep! Just be concerned with the outer walk and so people don't know we are away! Thanks.

We are at the Comfort Inn, 2815 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA phone #310-828-XXXX as of Sunday the 17th. And of course you have our cell phone numbers.

On Thursday or Friday we will be going to a place called Catalina Island which is an hour off the coast of CA. Just telling you in case our cell phones don't work - we will call you and check in during the week.

The mail and the newspapers have been stopped until Saturday the 23rd so if you see it around, bring it in - it's a mistake.

Have a nice week . . .


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