Saturday, December 15, 2012

Did You Take My Doll Head?

Dear John,

Did you take my doll head? I had the body in my bedroom upstairs so I could sew her dress, and the head was in a box on the living room floor. Did you take it to be funny? I don't think it's very funny if you did, rather immature if you ask me. Melissa told me about how you used to take the heads off her Barbie dolls and that made her very upset. Please return the doll head to me please.

Thank you.




  1. HAHAHAHAHA yes. Your GI Joes would come shoot my Barbies and then you'd play "Ken" and take his head off and hand it to Barbie saying "Happy Anniversary Honey!" and I'd cry. hahahhahahaha

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can just picture you saying that to Melissa too!



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