Sunday, December 16, 2012

The SWAT Team Wouldn't Let Me Use the Bathroom

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Dear John,

Oh boy am I having a terrible week! The kids in my new classroom are all bouncing off the walls, and I have to hold this one kid's hand at all times because he wiggles like a snake and throws himself on the floor. 

I came home from work yesterday and the street was blocked off by the police. I worked all day and all I wanted to do was change my pants and use the bathroom, but the SWAT Team wouldn't let me into the house for over 2 hours. Apparently someone in the neighborhood was holding his family hostage and there was a stand-off.

Please be careful son, there are a lot of crazy people out there and you know how I worry!



  1. Hi J
    found the site can't believe you have mom in the picture, man she is PISSED! talk to ya soon Aunt J

  2. spectacular...simply spectacular...the photo the note...hahaha



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